Tuesday, July 18, 2017

From the Writer's Desk - Mid-July is Here

Mid-July is officially here and this year is flying, which means one of my favorite stitching fabric stores - Picture This Plus will have their annual Christmas in July sale on their hand-dyed fabrics and fall feels like it's about 3 weeks away.

I've lost weight since I've started exercising regularly. I don't know how much since I still haven't bought a scale, but I know I've lost about a 1/2 inch overall in the last month. Which makes me over the moon happy, since I started exercising ONLY 10 minutes a day. I'm up to 30 minutes a day and plan on starting walking at night in addition to what I do in the morning. 

My new computer battery arrived and that seemed to do the job nicely. Which is good. Now, I need to transcribe what I wrote long hand and fill in the missing details. My new glasses aren't here yet so my time on the computer is still limited (as well as anything close up), but hopefully this week or next week. 

I put my 30 day writing challenge on hold and plan to re-start on August 1st. That should give me enough time to get used to the new glasses.

I did finish the book I was reading last night - Story Trumps Structure - excellent writing book. It illustrates the benefits of writing - pantser style. In other words - by the seat of your pants - without an outline. Really making it up as you go along. :)

I've started Write by Karen Peterson and I think I need to end July with a Mystery or two and will be starting with Rick R. Reed's IM

Writing wise, I plan on transcribing my long-hand pages and filling in the blanks, so I can continue writing. I won't finish Behind the Masque by the end of July, but I absolutely need to finish it by the end of August, preferably the middle of August, because I want to get Between Classes and Divided Loyalty finished also this year.

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