Friday, May 23, 2008


R.A.K - Random Acts of Kindness - and this morning I was it's victim. :) My daughter,9, surprised me with breakfast in bed - two waffles fresh from the toaster and a mug of coke. And we sat eating and giggling until responsibility made me take her to school. (pic- computer art by my daughter)

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm so excited! I'm pages away from finishing Bound, a short erotica. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's set in a small coastal town on Lake Michigan.

I know it's a been a while - and there has been time but it has a tendency to get filled up when I'm not looking. There was the week off for an inflamed Achilles tendon and I did get quite a bit of writing done, just not on Bound or Tropical Temptation. My daughter was in a fashion show and in the paper and loved it and has decided that she most definitely wants to be an actress and a model.

HOpefully Bound will be finished today, tomorrow at the latest.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Spring Fling Update!

Spring Fling was last weekend - a very busy, informative, fun weekend. It was a lot of fun, but I'm glad to be home. The food was great - Chicago Style Pizza, Chocolate Reception, Baked Praline French Toast Casserole, - and the room was huge. Sadly, there was no sight-seeing, except the construction workers as we traveled through the city first to get to the hotel and second to get home. So another trip is in order. We did go by the general vicinity of where one of the grad-schools I'm applying to is. I did find out about RT, although I'm sure some of the details were lost, but there was much said about the models.

There were scads of workshops, Q & A Panels, book signings, and opportunities to meet people - and just enjoy the energy that fills a place when so many writers congregate in one space. It was invigorating. Different than the winter retreat , it was excess energy from an external source that spills out from others and into you, when you learn about the craft and the business of writing, and the draw and necessity of writing. It was a Romance Writer's Conference, so just about everyone there wrote either romance or women's fiction, but there were so many sub-genres that it made things extremely interesting. Literacy Chicago was the beneficiary of the silent auction which raised something like 5k or 10k! The Conference closed with a Mardi Gras Gala and Sunday brought a seemingly much longer trip home.

Now excuse me while I make a dent in my too read pile, not that school is out alternating with pushing out as many of my own pages as possible. :)