Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Minute Fiction - Sharing

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(This story belongs to Simone Anderson and may not be copied or reposted without permission)

Troy made his way through the crowded sidewalk greeting friends along the way to the street corner where he saw his long time partner, Matt, reclining against the sidewalk, paying closer attention to the attractive woman straddling his legs and looking in his jeans than the parade passing them by. Stopping beside the couple, he watched them for a moment before clearing his throat.

“Get your hands off! He belongs to me,” Troy said firmly, crossing his arms.

“Troy!” The woman yelled as the pair jumped apart and struggled to their feet.

“You’re back! You said you were coming back at the end of the week? You should have called. We’d have picked you up at the airport.” They rushed toward him, stopping short.

“I’m gone a mere nine months and you’re letting a woman play with your cock?” Troy let his gaze travel over the pair slowly. He liked Matt in denim and shirtless. He’d spent every night of the past nine months dreaming about burying his cock in Matt’s ass and almost as much time thinking about Emma curvasious body. “I don’t like to share.”

“You said you’d share him with me. You said I could play with him all I wanted,” Emma said pouting.

“I’m home now,” Troy replied, trying to hold back a smile. He’d spent the last nine months working with a great medical team in some of the worst circumstances, an experience that was professionally and personally rewarding, but now he was ready for something personal just for him. Someones. He wanted both Matt and Emma now.

“You weren’t here and I was lonely,” Matt said cupping Troy’s cock through his slacks.

Troy moaned. Emma’s pout turned into a smile.

“God, I missed you two. I can’t wait to get home and fuck you both senseless followed by long slow lovemaking.” Troy smiled and pulled the couple into his arms. He’d missed this, just being with the two people who mattered most in his life.

“Too bad the house is an hour away and the office is closed,” Emma supplied frowning.

Troy released his grip, stepped back and removed a key from his pocket dangling it in front of them. “I took the liberty of getting us a room downtown tonight. I don’t want to miss the fireworks,” Troy said suggestively. He’d planned to make love to his partners all night long. Nine months in a field hospital surrounded by colleagues, friends, and gunmen had left him wanting the comforting touch of Emma and Matt.

He waited while Matt retrieved his shirt, before Troy grabbed their hands and led the way to the hotel.

The doors of the elevator closed and Matt and Emma turned toward him, tugging his shirt up and undoing his pants. The elevator came to a stop and the doors slid open. The trio slid apart. Troy allowed a smile to cross his face as he left the elevator ignoring the couple waiting to get in.

Opening the door he held it while Matt and Emma entered the suite dominated by a king size bed. They grabbed him and pulled him onto the bed. He kissed first Matt and then Emma, before he succumbed to their ministrations. Relinquishing control to their frenzied exploration, he looked forward to the long night ahead and making love to both of them. His homecoming was nothing like he planned, but full of the spontaneous energy both of his life partners radiated.

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