Saturday, April 18, 2015

LGBTQ Pushback for Charity

I live in Michigan, which means if I want to take a road trip and venture out of my state, traveling through Indiana is one of the few ways I can go, which means when Indiana's Discrimination Bill, other wise known as SB101 Religious Freedom Restoration Law, came up I paid attention. I like road trips, but in no way, shape, or form could I go through Indiana. Then the pizza place proudly announced they were the first business to practice discrimination under the new law then had to close their doors because people can vote by their wallet and there are consequences for alienating any group of people. Then a gofundme account was started because they shouldn't actually reap what they sowed and it reached almost a $1 million. A million dollars to support discrimination and bigotry - imagine if those same supporters had donated that money to help their local communities.

That made people angry. When the idea of raising money for LGBTQ youth came up, I was all for it.I along with 223 other Authors and Publishers are giving away books for those who donate to a LGBTQ charity.

Here is the video that has all of the participants on it:

And the link to the blog post at Diverse Reader where the give-away is happening. Now through May 1st. After you donate, leave a comment in the post telling where you donated to. That's it.