Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cock And Bull Blog Tour - Stop Featuring Kit Sands

On today's CBT - CBBT - Cock and Bull Blog Tour - stop Kit Sands is dropping by to visit. Kit's debut novel is Wings of Fire in the His Hero Anthology from Total-E-Bound on January 16th. The men from Wings of Fire stopped by to answer a few basic questions about themselves.

First - the boy's
(apparently her boys listen, would be nice if mine did)

Second - the book -

Angelico is Jamie’s idea of a perfect man, but can he avoid the hateful actions of a deranged bigot long enough to have his dreams come true?
Jamieson Peele moves to Austin, Texas, on the heels of a failed long-term relationship. Starting over isn’t easy—even less so once Jamie becomes the target of a hate crime. When he finally finds the man of his dreams, Jamie is willing to risk it all for a chance at love with the big Italian.

Fire fighter Salvatore Angelico’s life will never be the same after he pulls Jamie from the burning wreckage of a car accident. Angelico must decide to tear down his defences and have faith in love again.

Together, they must face old demons and new dangers if they hope to fly on wings of fire.

Third - the excerpt

Angelico was leaning against the bar chatting to his friend, Brent Mackenzie, the owner and barkeep of Mac’s, when Jamie walked in. Watching him look around, Angelico noticed the moment Jamie spotted him. A smile spread slowly over his face and those blue eyes fairly sparkled in the low lighting as he walked towards Angelico. Taking in Jamie’s appearance—another pair of sexy, tight jeans and a fitted T-shirt—he resisted the urge to adjust himself.

“Damn. Who is that piece of sex on a stick?” Mac was staring at Jamie.

Angelico was annoyed at the spark of jealousy that flared up. Without thinking he swung around to face Mac and growled at him. “Back off, he’s mine.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he realised how ridiculous he sounded. He’d just finished describing their meeting and telling Mac that he’d barely spoken to Jamie before, and here he was beating his chest and marking his territory.

“Oh, really? Does he know that?” Mac nodded towards Jamie then chuckled at Angelico’s pained expression.

Jamie reached the side of the bar just then and looked from Angelico to Mac. Shrugging, he said, “Probably—I know a lot of things. What are we talking about?”

Mac slapped the top of the counter and laughed raucously. “I like you! Mac’s the name, welcome to my place. Whatcha drinking?”

Jamie grinned broadly and nodded towards Angelico. “I’m Jamie and I’ll have whatever he’s drinking.” After sitting down on a bar stool, Jamie looked at Angelico. “So, Mac, do I know what?”

“Not something you’d know, Jamie. We were just talking about personal property.” Angelico spoke up before Mac could reply. “We’ll have two (512) Pecan Porters.”

Grabbing the glasses of dark beer, Angelico beckoned Jamie to follow him. Walking to the back corner of the bar, he slid into the last booth. Jamie sat on the other bench and reached for his drink.

“I don’t usually go for something so full bodied, but I’m willing to try anything once. Salute!” Jamie smirked as Angelico’s eyes widened at his double entendre. “Mmm. This is very nice.” Jamie took another long swallow before setting the glass back down on the table. “Good choice. Is it a favourite of yours?”

Angelico just stared at him a moment before taking a sip of his own drink. “Yeah. It’s from a local microbrewery in Austin. I like most of their stuff, but this one is my usual.”

After a few tense minutes of staring at each other, sipping from beer glasses and the occasional fidget, Angelico had had all he could stand. “Why did you ask me out?”

Jamie blinked, momentarily taken aback by his forthrightness. Licking his lips once, then again, he started to answer but noticed Angelico staring at his mouth. Suddenly feeling mischievous, Jamie slowly pulled his lower lip in, bit it hard so that it would flush, then licked his lips once more. Noticing the pulse beating at the base of Angelico’s neck, he knew the effect he was having on him.

“I wanted to thank you.”


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Monday, January 2, 2012

Cock and Bull Blog Hop

Hot men and hot books, really, what else do you need to start 2012??

In celebration of my upcoming release Uniform Desires - part of the His Hero Anthology, I'm participating in a two week blog hop. The Cock and Bull Blog starts today over at TA Chase's Blog! There will be all sorts of prizes given away including Amazon gift cards!

Jan 2: TA Chase
Jan 3: Julia Knight
Jan 4: LA Witt
Jan 5th: Freddy MacKay
Jan 6th: Marie Sexton
Jan 7th: JP Bowie
Jan 8th: Megan Slayer
Jan 9th: Amber Kell
Jan 10th: JP Barnaby
Jan 11th: Sue Holston
Jan 12th: Simone Anderson
Jan 13th: Kit Sands
Jan 14th: EM Woods
Jan 15th: Devon Rhodes
January 16th: Sara York


Grand prize: $150 Amazon Gift Card
2nd prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card
3rd prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card

There will be a chat here on January 4th from Noon to 5pm