Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Log - 15.E.9.252

#$%^&*()_ ncjiea $%^&*((
Signal Error
Signal Rerouted
--- Transmission Begins ---
--- Begin Encryption ---


A new med doc has been requested by the administrators. The Emperor's Magistrate has approved the request, and volunteers are being sought. The candidates will be few, and we should research each one ourselves and position ourselves accordingly. At no point should any candidate be considered trustworthy and allowed into the inner sanctum of our people.

Hale Landon

--- Transmission Ends ---
--- End Encryption ---
Signal Rerouted
Com Unit Internal Error Fixed
Transmission Log Erased

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Goals - Revamped

OKay -- so, I like goals - I like making them - but lately, I've been horrid at actually keeping them. The idealism that always, always catches me when I make them, turns tail and runs when it's time to buckle down and really work.

Writing is work - when you sit and stare at the screen until your eyes bleed and your tempted to tear your hair out or throw the computer through the wall because the characters and the plot aren't going along how YOU wanted them to, and the only cure is to plant your arse in the chair, put your hands on the keyboard - trying to not to bash your head in on it, the monitor, or the desk - and write.... pull teeth, use a pick-ax, or tweezers but get it done.

That being said, I did NOT finish my edits. I was busy, and every time I started to pick my computer up - I was interrupted - I'm not complaining - well, not loudly or a lot anyway, because I could have said "I'm busy, leave me alone." Which, I didn't. There was no concentrating and even less writing and now there is unwinding and procrastinating - which is dumb, because it needs to be done and soon.

So, optimistic as ever, I'm going to reset my goals. Revise and submit BBL by Sept. 1 and add 7 pages to TB-TT. School starts on the 2nd, so it's a good cut-off point. :)