Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Friends and Family In a Small Industry

Conferences are approaching. That's nothing new. There are several big conferences a year that writers go to. Either to learn more about their craft, to help others, or meet and inter act with readers. The weeks leading up to a conference is generally chaotic for writers. Aside from their regular commitments, they also need to make sure they have any and all books and promo material together that they'll need. And that it is the right promo for them and for the conference. When you're organizing a conference of any size, you effectively are taking on another full time job. Talk about chaos. I'm sure many events meet themselves coming and going.

The publishing industry as a whole, is really not that big. When you look at e-publishing, it's even smaller. Or maybe not truly smaller, but tighter knit. I don't know if authors from the traditional New York houses get that same feeling or not. Writing is a very solitary occupation, and it can be hard to connect with people. Writing e-books, means there can be less opportunities for booksignings, after all the bookstores can't order them and stack them in a pretty display, but the flip side of that is that as we talk to each other. On Facebook. On Twitter. And on E-mail loops. Short conversations or word count accountability messages become conversations that become friendships. Then we get to go conferences and meet those people and friendships deepen.

I'm heading for GayRomLit in Albuquerque, NM to spend a week with old friends and new ones and to remember those that we lost this year. In the days leading up to GRL there are more and more emails that say things like  "I'm useless at work, is time to go yet?". It is an event that readers and authors alike look forward too. Earlier this year I received a heart-wrenching email from one of my publishers titled "A Death in the Family", informing me of the unexpected death of William Neale, a friend and fellow author. Writers and readers alike, we've become a close knit community. We mourn the loss of friends and family, cheer for successes and good news, send thoughts and prayers and words of encouragement to those in need. And when we're lucky enough to meet them in person and again, it's like coming home. Those emails have led to friendships, to families of friends.

To Old Friends and New....I can't wait to see everyone in Albuquerque!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's Here! Line of Fire!

Line of Fire, the third part of the At The Ready Anthology with Emma Hillman and Katie Blu is now available at Resplendence Publishing!


Christian Williams has lived with his secret his whole life and he’s not ready to give it up, he’s especially not ready to face the consequences.

Consequences be damned, Hayden Medema is tired of living a lie. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is dead and gays are serving openly in the rest of the military, the Navy SEALs should be no different.

After coming face to face at a gay bar in a different city and a whirlwind weekend of sex, Christian and Hayden along with fourteen other SEALs are sent on what appears to be another routine mission, until someone learns their secret and everything goes horribly wrong. 

Christian Williams pulled into the parking lot of Diversions, turned off his car and stretched. The hour drive from base to one of the city’s five gay bars had helped him relax. They were gearing up for several months of intense training and the scene here was just what he needed. He knew the gay bar close to the base was a hit with both the civilians and military guys. Still hadn’t told anyone other than his dive buddy, Jason Morganstern, that he’d preferred men to women for as long as he could remember, so going there wasn’t a possibility. SEALs weren’t gay, just ask anyone. He also had no desire to be a daddy, which he was certain many of the younger guys wanted. He’d been surprised to learn Jason was also gay. Jason was picky, he wanted a boy in the bedroom and a partner outside of it. Christian had no such desires. He wanted a partner who gave as good as he took and, more importantly, could deal with life in the Navy.

Withdrawing his driver’s license and sixty dollars, he tossed his wallet in the glove compartment. Keys in hand and several condoms and a small bottle of lube in the pocket of his jeans, Christian locked the door of his Jeep Grand Cherokee and made his way across the mostly full parking lot. After showing his ID to the bouncer and paying the cover charge, he strode through two sets of double doors and was immediately hit by the loud music. Surveying his surroundings, he automatically noted the exits, potential partners, problem areas and the people and places to avoid.
The dance floor and the bar were crowded. Men in snug tee shirts and even tighter jeans filled the room. This was one of his favorite places to play and hunt. There was little doubt in his mind that he’d find a partner or two tonight with the same needs. Tonight he wasn’t looking for a life partner, tonight was about no strings attached sex. A quick fuck. Hard. Fast. Sweaty. All male. The US military may finally be okay with gays serving openly, but several of his teammates were less than accepting. A couple of them had gone as far as making threats during several rounds of pool and more than a few beers at Hell’s Dune, the SEALs favorite bar. It was run by a grizzled former SEAL known only as Brick. Decent food and decent beer were great unless you were looking for bed companions. Those, he wouldn’t find at Hell’s Dune.

Taking a deep breath, he inhaled the scent of men and relaxed. He knew the bartenders and a couple of the bouncers by name, but no one knew he was the military, let alone that he was a SEAL, so he could be himself. Almost. Christian made his way to the bar and ordered a beer before he turned and watched the crowd. Most of the patrons tonight appeared to be college age, but he’d already seen one or two potential partners.

“Hey baby,” a tall, lithe twenty-something with big blue eyes and dark hair said, squeezing in next to him at the bar. “Has anyone told you that you give new meaning to the phrase tall, gorgeous and yummy?”

Christian rolled his eyes, praying the man hadn’t been talking to him.

“Let there be a God and tell me you’re not here with anyone,” the younger man purred, trailing his fingers over Christian’s arm.

His cock stirred at the promise the man wanted to deliver. It’d been too long since he’d fucked someone and even longer since he’d been in any sort of relationship where tender touches and caresses were normal. Looking down at the man, Christian shook his head.

“Sorry kid, I’m not interested.” He gave the guy points for approaching him, but the younger man wasn’t his type, and Christian wasn’t willing to act like he was. The man was cute, but Christian could probably snap him in half if he wanted. He needed to let loose, not worrying about whether his partner could handle it.

“Aw, don’t be like that. I’ll show you a real good time.” The man’s hand slid over his stomach and started working his shirt out.

“Back off,” Christian snarled, pushing past the other man and ignoring the whimper of protest. Stomping across the building, he looked for another vantage point.

Christian sighed. As though he’d needed any more proof on how long it had been since he’d been here. At one point in time, despite the low profile he preferred to keep, the young twenty-somethings, at least the regulars, kept their distance.

A firm ass clad in tight denim caught his attention. The other man danced at the edge of the dance-floor with a group of men. Taking a long drink from his beer, Christian set it on the table, knowing and not caring that it would be gone and the table taken over by others before he reached his quarry. He was two feet from his destination when the dancer turned and faced him. Christian stopped and stared.

“Medema! What the hell are you doing here?” Christian asked as the music was interrupted by the DJ announcing a slow song.

“Same thing you are, looking for a good time tonight,” Hayden replied and took a step forward.

Sparkling blue eyes peered out at him as Christian looked the man up and down as though he hadn’t seen him before, hadn’t seen him in little more than swim trunks. Short brown hair topped the long, lean frame. Hayden Medema matched him in height, but with more of a swimmer’s build, the man wasn’t nearly as wide. Still, Christian had seen him carry a fallen comrade fifty yards to safety. As long as he’d known the man, Christian had never guessed he was gay.

“I—” Christian began, at a loss for words. Dressed in snug blue jeans and a white-fitted polo-style shirt, the other man was gorgeous.

“I didn’t expect to see you in a gay bar.” Hayden smiled, stepping into Christian’s personal space. “I’m certainly glad you’re not in denial.”

Christian swallowed and shook his head, willing his blood to continue flowing to his brain. “Nope, not in denial. Just extremely cautious. It’s not like we have the most gay-friendly job or employer. Or even co-workers.”

“Agreed,” Hayden shrugged, “but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little bit of fun together now and then.” Hayden’s fingers trailed slowly up Christian’s abdomen and over his nipples. Gasping, Christian let out a full body shiver as the sensations went straight to his cock. It hardened and strained against his jeans. “Very nice,” Hayden said stepping closer and pressing into him. “Come home with me,” Hayden whispered, flicking his tongue across the sensitive part of Christian’s ear.

Monday, February 20, 2012

We Have Winners -

We Have Winners!!!

For a copy of my book, Uniform Desires, drawn from the comments on Sara York's blog -


For a copy of Devon Rhodes book, A Ring and A Promise -

SD Matthews

And the winner of the $25 Amazon gift certificate -

Lyra - lyra.lucky7@gmail.com

Congratulations to all the winners!! And watch your inboxes to hear from the author.

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Holding Out For A Hero Tour Stop #5 - Devon Rhodes is Here!!

Thanks so much for having me on, Simone! This is the final stop on this week’s Drop and Give Me… Holding out for a Hero blog tour, so make sure you’ve entered on each blog for all five chances to win a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate! Not a hardship since we’ve all shared our favorite smex scenes from our books. ;)

Monday: Devon Rhodes hosted Sue Holston

Tuesday: Sue Holston hosted Em Woods

Wednesday: Em Woods hosted Sara York

Thursday: Sara York hosted Simone Anderson


I love military guys—and having grown up around them, I was bound to end up having a strong opinion one way or the other! J So when I heard about the anthology, I knew that my men in uniform were going to start out at the iconic Naval Academy graduation. And the rest of the story went from there!

I’d love to share a copy of my new release with someone here! My story from the His Hero anthology, A Ring and a Promise, released as a standalone this week! Here is the blurb and a NSFW excerpt:

A Ring and a Promise

Careers in military service are never easy on relationships—even less so when both lovers are in different branches…and both are men.

Naval Academy graduation now under their belts, Cary Barrientos knows the reality of the upcoming separation from his roommate of the past four years. Owen is more to him than just his best friend—he is the one person Cary can see spending his life with.

Owen Marsh knew that when he became Cary’s lover, the day would come when he would have to walk away. Now that day has come, and he’s having a hard time convincing himself that it’s just sex between them. Even with DADT repealed, there is no way a Marine and a Navy flier can be together. He’s just being realistic not expecting more.

When Cary switches their Academy rings, hoping Owen won’t notice, he makes a vow—he will do whatever he has to do, including believing enough for the both of them, to make their unlikely relationship stand the test of time. But when his Marine is called up for duty overseas, can a piece of jewellery and a promise be enough to get them through?

Adult Excerpt:

He slid his hands along the sleeves of Cary’s uniform jacket down to his the cuffs then grasped his hands while he continued the heartfelt kiss. God, he loved the way Cary looked in his dress uniform. He wore it well, as though he’d been born to wear it. It was bordering on a fetish for him, and had made it damned uncomfortable this past week when they’d worn their dress uniforms for so many Commissioning Week occasions. But right now their privacy was guaranteed, and Owen wanted to indulge in a bit of fun while Cary was still so sexily attired.

It was too bad that Cary was without his hat. They’d both had fun adhering to tradition before the ceremony and had tucked an envelope with some money and a letter of advice inside both of their caps for some lucky kid to claim. Maybe they’d hear from them someday.

Cary gave him an enquiring look before tossing the bag to the ground in the direction of the dresser. When he turned back, he grinned and lowered his gaze to the front of Owen’s khakis. Cary pursed his lips briefly before giving his lower lip a quick swipe of his tongue.

Hat or not, Cary was absolutely the sexiest man he’d ever seen.

Maybe he’d fuck Cary with his new officer’s cap on someday.

Groaning, both at the mental image and the sure knowledge that that day would be far in the future—if at all—he took Cary by the biceps and firmly placed him against the wall with one last hard kiss, then knelt before him.


“Mmm…” He slid the belt latch and undid the buckle, pulling the end out of the clasp. Then he unhooked and unzipped the fly. He bracketed Cary’s hips with his hands and glanced up. Cary’s blue eyes were wide and a bit wild. Holding his gaze, Owen leant forward and mouthed his hard cock, faithfully outlined by the white cotton. Cary’s lids slid closed and Owen took that as the invitation it was.

Without lowering the trousers past Cary’s hips, he pulled the tighty whities down just enough to expose Cary’s erection. After a moment’s thought, he did a bit of manoeuvring and was able to lift Cary’s balls up over the wide elastic band before letting it gently retract against his skin once again.

He stood and backed far enough away to get a good look. From the waist up, his lover was still attired according to regulation—minus the cap. Pretty much regulation, anyway, considering he was wearing his now-defunct midshipman’s uniform instead of one for the officer he now was. Still…he was all nicely turned out on the top half.

But below the belt…

Owen caught his breath at the vision of decadence that was his handiwork. Cary’s hard and reddened cock and his balls sac were protruding lewdly from above his underwear. With his pants still mostly on, still wearing his polished white shoes, he looked debauched, as though he’d been caught unawares hard at work and enticed into forbidden play.

He met Cary’s eyes once more and could see the effort it was taking Cary to hold himself there, exposed to view without the reassurance of touch. Owen suddenly had no wont to prolong the foreplay any longer.

He hit his knees then took Cary’s cock deep.

A strangled cry was his reward, enticing him to use his tongue to wet the hard length then slide down. He repeated the action, gliding with firm pressure downwards and adding suction on the way back up to the head, gradually taking Cary most of the way down to the base.

With Cary’s balls hiked up as they were, Owen could feel the hot skin of his lover’s sac on his bottom lip at the furthest point. On the next pass downwards, he opened his mouth a bit and was able to stroke his tongue across the taut skin, feeling the closest orb shift with the pressure.

“Ah! Oh fuck, Owen.”

Tasting a bit of saltiness on the way up, Owen grinned around his mouthful and looked up from under his lashes. Cary was behaving himself and letting Owen take the lead. Time for a change of scenery, though. He pulled off with a smack of his lips.

“Please tell me you brought supplies.”

“In our kits,” Cary panted.

Owen rose to his feet and pulled Cary in for a slow, involved kiss that sent an emotional wave of warmth through him. In the room they shared at the Academy, Owen rarely felt comfortable enough to take his time with simple affectionate caresses. Mostly, their physical contact had been hurried and silent, the sole purpose being coming to completion without being caught.

“Why don’t you grab the stuff and get out of that uniform?” He gave in to impulse and cupped Cary’s cheek, pulling him back in for another kiss as Cary began to move away to follow his suggestion. He didn’t want to be apart from him for a moment…

The realisation hit him like a ton of bricks, and he abruptly dropped his hand and span around to hide what had to be a shell-shocked expression. Maybe it was the emotional culmination of their schooling at the ceremony today. Maybe it was the knowledge that their separation was looming. But when he looked at Cary, when he touched him, he was finding it hard—no, impossible—to keep from turning what should be companionable sex into lovemaking.



And speaking of love, I’d love to give away a copy to one of you! Just leave a comment, making sure to leave your email address, and not only will you be entered to win our Amazon Gift Certificate, but you will also be entered for a copy of A Ring and a Promise. J Good luck!

Thanks for stopping by! You can find me at:

My Website: http://www.devonrhodes.com/
My Blog: http://devonrhodes.blogspot.com/

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Holding Out For A Hero!!!

Check it out! Hot men in uniform!!! Happy Valentines Day!

Okay, so I'm a sucker for a man in uniform and then of course, slowly peeling him out of his uniform.....

Monday: Devon Rhodes

Tuesday: Sue Holston

Wednesday: Em Woods

Thursday: Sara York

Friday Here!!!!

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Cock And Bull Blog Tour - Stop Featuring Kit Sands

On today's CBT - CBBT - Cock and Bull Blog Tour - stop Kit Sands is dropping by to visit. Kit's debut novel is Wings of Fire in the His Hero Anthology from Total-E-Bound on January 16th. The men from Wings of Fire stopped by to answer a few basic questions about themselves.

First - the boy's
(apparently her boys listen, would be nice if mine did)

Second - the book -

Angelico is Jamie’s idea of a perfect man, but can he avoid the hateful actions of a deranged bigot long enough to have his dreams come true?
Jamieson Peele moves to Austin, Texas, on the heels of a failed long-term relationship. Starting over isn’t easy—even less so once Jamie becomes the target of a hate crime. When he finally finds the man of his dreams, Jamie is willing to risk it all for a chance at love with the big Italian.

Fire fighter Salvatore Angelico’s life will never be the same after he pulls Jamie from the burning wreckage of a car accident. Angelico must decide to tear down his defences and have faith in love again.

Together, they must face old demons and new dangers if they hope to fly on wings of fire.

Third - the excerpt

Angelico was leaning against the bar chatting to his friend, Brent Mackenzie, the owner and barkeep of Mac’s, when Jamie walked in. Watching him look around, Angelico noticed the moment Jamie spotted him. A smile spread slowly over his face and those blue eyes fairly sparkled in the low lighting as he walked towards Angelico. Taking in Jamie’s appearance—another pair of sexy, tight jeans and a fitted T-shirt—he resisted the urge to adjust himself.

“Damn. Who is that piece of sex on a stick?” Mac was staring at Jamie.

Angelico was annoyed at the spark of jealousy that flared up. Without thinking he swung around to face Mac and growled at him. “Back off, he’s mine.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he realised how ridiculous he sounded. He’d just finished describing their meeting and telling Mac that he’d barely spoken to Jamie before, and here he was beating his chest and marking his territory.

“Oh, really? Does he know that?” Mac nodded towards Jamie then chuckled at Angelico’s pained expression.

Jamie reached the side of the bar just then and looked from Angelico to Mac. Shrugging, he said, “Probably—I know a lot of things. What are we talking about?”

Mac slapped the top of the counter and laughed raucously. “I like you! Mac’s the name, welcome to my place. Whatcha drinking?”

Jamie grinned broadly and nodded towards Angelico. “I’m Jamie and I’ll have whatever he’s drinking.” After sitting down on a bar stool, Jamie looked at Angelico. “So, Mac, do I know what?”

“Not something you’d know, Jamie. We were just talking about personal property.” Angelico spoke up before Mac could reply. “We’ll have two (512) Pecan Porters.”

Grabbing the glasses of dark beer, Angelico beckoned Jamie to follow him. Walking to the back corner of the bar, he slid into the last booth. Jamie sat on the other bench and reached for his drink.

“I don’t usually go for something so full bodied, but I’m willing to try anything once. Salute!” Jamie smirked as Angelico’s eyes widened at his double entendre. “Mmm. This is very nice.” Jamie took another long swallow before setting the glass back down on the table. “Good choice. Is it a favourite of yours?”

Angelico just stared at him a moment before taking a sip of his own drink. “Yeah. It’s from a local microbrewery in Austin. I like most of their stuff, but this one is my usual.”

After a few tense minutes of staring at each other, sipping from beer glasses and the occasional fidget, Angelico had had all he could stand. “Why did you ask me out?”

Jamie blinked, momentarily taken aback by his forthrightness. Licking his lips once, then again, he started to answer but noticed Angelico staring at his mouth. Suddenly feeling mischievous, Jamie slowly pulled his lower lip in, bit it hard so that it would flush, then licked his lips once more. Noticing the pulse beating at the base of Angelico’s neck, he knew the effect he was having on him.

“I wanted to thank you.”


Remember - for every comment you leave, you get another chance to win prizes totaling $300 from Amazon.com. Tomorrow, Kit features Em Woods on her blog.

1st Prize - $150 gift card from Amazon.com

2nd Prize - $100 gift card from Amazon.com

3rd Prize $50 gift card from Amazon.com

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Cock and Bull Blog Hophttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Hot men and hot books, really, what else do you need to start 2012??

In celebration of my upcoming release Uniform Desires - part of the His Hero Anthology, I'm participating in a two week blog hop. The Cock and Bull Blog starts today over at TA Chase's Blog! There will be all sorts of prizes given away including Amazon gift cards!

Jan 2: TA Chase
Jan 3: Julia Knight
Jan 4: LA Witt
Jan 5th: Freddy MacKay
Jan 6th: Marie Sexton
Jan 7th: JP Bowie
Jan 8th: Megan Slayer
Jan 9th: Amber Kell
Jan 10th: JP Barnaby
Jan 11th: Sue Holston
Jan 12th: Simone Anderson
Jan 13th: Kit Sands
Jan 14th: EM Woods
Jan 15th: Devon Rhodes
January 16th: Sara York


Grand prize: $150 Amazon Gift Card
2nd prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card
3rd prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card

There will be a chat here on January 4th from Noon to 5pm