Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Covers!!!!

I have new cover art to share!!! I also have an updated website!!

Both Changing Tides and Divided Loyalty are part of the New Reality Anthology from Resplendence Publishing. 

Changing Tides -

Growing up in a world where change is feared, life is planned and predictable. The final step into adulthood is celebrated at age 25 with three life-altering choices.

Brett DeMarco is a First Lieutenant in the country’s Security Forces and is pretty sure he knows what his choices will be. When his lover dies, he throws himself into his work until he runs into gorgeous Orion Hellman, a manual laborer on base who never talks and changes everything he thought he knew.

 Coming April 17, 2013

 Divided Loyalty - 

Storm is a 20-year-old Farm born who wakes up to find his world has been turned upside down and everything he thought he knew begins to unravel.

Kaiden Stewart-Johnson is one of the Elite and a Doctor in his last year of school and is being groomed to take over the Medical Directorship of Mardenah. He begins a new rotation and walks into a secret world that could cost him his life or elevate him to the second most powerful office in the land.

The year is 2132 and the United States of America has become the Republic of Mardenah. A hundred years of dictatorship has created an unbreakable class system and brought internal peace.

Kaiden and Storm’s chance meeting change the course of the future. Each man carries a secret that could get them killed. They must reach beyond the secrets and lies to find the trust to withstand the fury they unleash.

 Coming May 1, 2013