Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Good Intentions...

I had it all planned -- a really spectacular post on Halloween and the history -- or maybe some really cool photos of food and costumes.  But, that didn't happen. I finally got R moving to get their senior pictures done and had planned on a shooting those, which didn't happen because of reasons neither of us could control.  So, I spent most of the evening checking off boxes on my to-do list.  Research wise.  I also painted my nails this really cool sparkly orange color, while R watched one show or movie I didn't understand at all and part of a horror movie she's seen three times.

I have a new approach to de-cluttering my house.  Which, should prove to be very interesting.  Assuming I won the jackpot tonight, after buying the house I want, what goes with us? Exceptions are furniture, dishes, pots/pans, silverware, and glasses. Which I'm not tossing because I'm not ready to replace them.  Well, I am, my pocketbook - yeah, not so much.  So, if I'm not willing to move it -- then it needs to go. Tomorrow, I plan on starting on those boxes in my office I need to get rid of.

I also need to start working on the map I need for Forbidden.  NaNo is just around the corner.

Need to make a Halloween Graveyard Cake. Parts of these will do nicely.

Also on my to-do list for October is to revise my Writing Plan and get my goals for 2017 down -- the big ones - that are really more like projects because there are multiple parts to them, and the smaller ones.

I found R's birthday cake for next year:

Have a spooktacular day.


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