Monday, October 10, 2016

From the Writing Desk - Family

I had things all planned out this week.  What I needed to do, what I wanted to do. I set my goals for the week. That didn't happen.  Looking back, I don't think they were overly optimistic.  I hadn't counted on getting sick at the end of the week or starting the week with a 3-day headache with light/smell sensitivity. It sounds like an excuse - I'm sure there are people out there that write with Pneumonia or a Migraine.  I have.  I'm not. For a couple of reasons. I hate being sick, I don't want this crap sticking around any longer than it is.  Also, I'm out of sick leave at the day job, which means I would have to go into work sick.  No body wants that.  That crap will fly through our department in a heartbeat and come back around and strike again. Because that is what happens when you work in an office full of people who routinely 'push through the pain and the ick'. Monday is a Federal Holiday, I don't have to work.  I took Tuesday off as a vacation day because I can't go to GRL this year and wanted some time off anyway.  So, my four-day vacation I am spending in bed, flipping between either HGTV and Food Network and Netflix or sleep.

Sunday was my kid's 18th Birthday.  Hard to believe.  It has been a most interesting ride.  I remember when they were born, a bouncing baby girl! (I thought). So tiny that the sleeper I brought her home in was 3 inches too big all the way around and she wouldn't keep a hat on her head.  Ever.  Her grandmother pegged her as alert and observant at 2 months old.  My pride and joy.  Growing up she was surrounded by Rennies, an Honor Fraternity when I back to school, Veterans, family, and both in front of and behind the camera.  She went to Pride with me one weekend and a motorcycle rally the next.  She dealt with a parent dealing with PTSD. She discovered Supernatural. And cutting.  And fear that even though I was bi and write MM Romance, I would hate her for being bi.  And hate her again when they realized they weren't female, but genderfluid.  I am proud of them.  For learning to be true to themself. I mourned the loss of the name I had given her, but celebrate the one they chose.  R is unique.  An artist and musician, who would rather spend 3+ hours a day in wood-shop than any other class. Except maybe music. 

It's been a stressful couple of months in our house, R's father is still in the hospital on an island in the pacific ocean, but my mom has been given a clean bill of health after the cancer scare. My brother, who is not only a staunch Republican and Conservative Evangelical, has moved from family is annoying and LGBT people are wrong/evil/it's a choice to family is important, and accepting LGBT people and that it's not a choice.  He texts just to say hi.  It's kind of weird.  Family is weird.

My goals this week...

Research/Story Development/Character Development: 4 hours
Writing - 3 Times at 500 words each
WIP: Forbidden.

Non-Writing Goals:
Create Organization and De-clutter Plan
Read at least 30 minutes a day (I really got away from reading)
Walk around block/neighborhood 3 times this week

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