Monday, October 24, 2016

From The Writing Desk -- Rambling

Just about two weeks ago, maybe a bit longer, I renewed my commitment to myself and to my dream of writing full time.  I've been sidelined by a respiratory infection that took more out of me than I thought, but also by bad habits I have to change.  It didn't take any sort of self-analysis to figure out where most of time was being spent -- computer this city or empire, find the candy matches, catch the killer by looking for random items in a picture filled with weird crap that doesn't belong. So, I deleted them. Left the candy one, because some times easy games are good.

To recap - my goals last week were:

Research/Story Development/Character Development: 4 hours
Writing - 3 Times at 500 words each
WIP: Behind the Masque

Non-Writing Goals:
Create Organization and De-clutter Plan
Read at least 30 minutes a day (I really got away from reading)
Walk around block/neighborhood 3 times this week

I wrote twice this week, I didn't clear 500 words either time, but I did reread and change a few things here and there before adding more words. I worked on Behind the Masque this week, and will until NaNo ends.  My NaNo project is titled Forbidden, and is a fantasy novel.  I did do a little bit of research and some brainstorming on Forbidden, I didn't keep track of my research hours, but that's less important to me than getting my butt in front of my computer and writing is anyway.

I don't know if setting a goal to have my office and bedroom de-cluttered and organized by the full moon in December counts as an organization plan, but I have written out my re-design plans for a good portion of my house.  De-cluttering is key though, I definitely feel better after getting rid of crap. 

I did read this week, I'm about half-way through Mansfield Park by Jane Austen.  I found a layout for tracking books to read and that have been read in a Bullet Journal on Pinterest and decided that sounded like a fantastic idea. Except I need a whole journal just for reading.  Starting with the list of Classics on the back of the Barnes and Noble edition of Mansfield Park, I want to read all of them.  I also found a list of books read by Rory Gilmore on the Gilmore Girls, which I haven't watched, but the list looked fascinating.

I've set an overall goal to read one non-fiction and fiction book each month.  More would be nice, but baby steps.

There was no walking around the neighborhood.  I did, however, walk as a band chaperone Friday and Saturday.  Senior Night at the football game, and a band competition.  Two more competitions and the season is done.  Weird when I think about it, but not sad or disorienting.

This week's Goals:

Writing Goals:
Research/Story Development/Character Development: 4 hours
Writing: 3 Times at 500 Words Each
WIP: Behind the Masque

Non-Writing Goals:
Read at least 30 minutes a day
Walk around the neighborhood 3 times
Go through 3 boxes in my office - sort (keep, toss, sell) and find a home


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