Friday, March 7, 2014

Clearing the Fog

There are times that I feel like that last year or so have been done in a fog. I'm struggling with depression and PTSD issues that I can't always accept. I barely wrote last year. I'm not on meds, but I have a new life plan and it helps. I have a new day job, that while leaving me tired, helps a lot. I'm not back to where I was. There are days I don't walk into my office, but those are getting fewer. I'm writing more. I have new ideas. Ideas that aren't work related. There are office politics to deal with, because that is part of working with other people, but for the most part it works okay. Some days are worse than others, and on those days, I find a quiet spot to hide. Because I have hard time accepting some things, it's hard for me to believe others will. It's something I'll continue to work at. In the mean time, while I prefer to write by the seat of my pants, I know goals and accountability help. So for now, the goal is one step at a time.

Goals for 3/7-3/14
- Write 500 words a day
- Update series bible for Bissari Confederation and Smuggler's Cove.
- Brainstorm 2nd Cove book
- Blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
- Exercise daily

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