Saturday, November 2, 2013

Please Welcome S.Dora!!

I have a guest with me today -  author S.Dora...who is also giving away

A Chance to win a story uniquely written for you!

A long time ago, when I was still a very young lesbian and the internet was not yet a thing, my world was small and everyone with any alternative form of sexuality, met in the few places that welcomed us in the Rotterdam of the early eighties.
That’s why I, who’s unadventurous as can be, happily sat next to people who thought that their favourite brand of BDSM was the best invention since sliced bread. I noticed that many (perhaps even most) people, men and women, seemed to prefer the role of submissive. I also noticed that some of them were willing to be Dominant if a lover or fellow kinkster asked for a favour. Doing something to please someone they cared about was a not too rare gift.
That experience proved to be of good use to me when I started to write my Calling the Shots series, in which Isaac, a reluctant Dominant takes up his role to please his lover, but soon discovers he enjoys what he does a lot more than he ever thought possible.

Calling the Shots
The Calling the Shots series tells the story of slightly conservative office worker Isaac and his beloved Tom during their journey to integrate D/s into their committed but so far mostly vanilla relationship.
Isaac has to face his doubts and uncertainties about his role as Dominant. No matter how much he wants to make his lover happy, is it really okay for him to order a grown man around, spank and cane him, even/especially if that person is his lover and he’s positively begging for it? 
But, make no mistake about it, both Isaac and Tom have a whole lot of hot sex while discovering what works for them as a couple, and romance is still very much on the menu.

A celebration and a chance to win a written-for-you-story

To celebrate the publication of the third part of the Calling the Shots series, Becoming Sir, the first part, Facing the Truth, will be on sale for only $0.99 until November 8.
Or at Amazon and GoodReads
On a number of days, I will write a guest blog. Anyone who posts a reaction during this mini tour, has a chance to win a gift card of $10. Every blog I visit means a new chance to win a gift card.
But wait, there’s more. I will write a one-in-a-kind short story of at least 3000 words for one lucky winner. Yes, you get to choose if you want m/m or m/f (or a moresome) their names, their looks, how hot/sweet the story will be, and lots more.
You get a “story-ticket” every time you react to my blog post during the mini tour. You win two extra chances if you leave a review for either Facing the Truth, The Right Direction or Becoming Sir at for instance Amazon or GoodReads.
You have until November 7 to visit the blogs that host me during this tour and leave a reaction. Please be so kind to state explicitly that you want to participate in the story- lottery. Even if you’re not interested in a specially written- for- you story, you’re still fully eligible to win one of the $10 gift cards. After November 8 I will announce the winners at my blog.
 I posted the rules and conditions on my own blog, but the main thing is that I won’t publish this story anywhere. It will be uniquely written for you.
Please leave your e-mail with your reaction(s) if you want a chance to win a $10 gift certificate and/or a story.

See my blog for a list of online places that sell my books, and all other information.


Anonymous said...

I just bought FACING THE TRUTH the other day--sounds like I'll enjoy it!
Please count me in for both draws...


Penumbra said...

I have Facing the Truth and would love to continue the series :)

I would like to enter the written-for-you story competition and I am over the age of 18


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read this part, I love the other ones!

I would like to be in the written-for-you story competition (I am over the age of 18) josefinssmile(at)gmail(dot)com


Zimena said...

I love how you started this entry by mentioning something from your personal experiences. Also, please count me in for both draws. (I'm over the age of 18). My email: zimenax(at)gmail(dot)com

JJ said...

New to your stories, and the stories sound interesting.

html-2(AT) hotmail(dot) com

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing about you experiences, I like hearing about inspirations behind stories. Can't wait to read the whole series! And count me in for the story-for-me please.


Beth said...

Love the info about how you came to write the story of Isaac and Tom. Can't wait to read the series. Getting book one today while it still on sale. :)

And thanks for the chance to have a book written just for me. Not many would be willing to do that.