Wednesday, June 21, 2017

From the Writer's Desk -- Trying Something New

It's mid-June, Summer Solstice is today. Twenty days ago my only child graduated from high school. In ten days I send them to Orlando for a month long visit with their Godparents. I have never had more than a week without R, so this will be an experience. One I know I am ready for.  It's hard to believe the year is half-way done.

I think everyone has a limit they reach and say that's it - I can't do this any more - whatever their 'this' might be. I hit that point about three months ago. And hung on longer without really knowing how. I had heard of a book, mostly in passing, without any real conversation on what it was, that piqued my interest. Enough that I went and looked at it time and again. Then I bought it. Started reading it the next day or a couple of days later. Now, I've finished the book and started it again.

What I needed was to change my way of thinking. I was going to ask my counselor for anti-depressants, as my stress, anxiety, and depression sky-rocketed. I decided to try this first.

The book -- The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I was about a third of the way through the book when I decided to try it out, mostly because I woke up to use the bathroom about an hour before my alarm clock should ring and decided to give a try.  Eleven days later, I haven't missed a day and it has been an exciting, eye-opening, sometimes painful few days. I love it. One of the things I realized is that I would rather give my most productive energy to my writing not to my day job. So, I decided I needed to write for an hour every morning, which means I need to be up earlier. That's what I've done. The only day I didn't write since I started was Sunday and on that day I was working on spreadsheets and websites and other writing related things before we had to leave for my step-sister's.

I'm getting used to waking up at 4 am, which a good friend of mind keeps telling me that no, I've got it all wrong 4 am is bed time.

So, I'm writing for an hour or there-abouts every day and am finding it easier to write, to figure out what is going to happen next. I have other ideas for more stories too.  I also happened across this book, which will be one my next investments...

The Miracle Morning for Writers.  It looks interesting. I enjoy the quiet part of the morning, it was also my favorite part of the night. But R is a night owl, so there is less quiet. And really, I wouldn't change that. I couldn't be prouder of my kid and the young adult they are becoming.

My goal is to finish BTM by the end of the summer, preferably by the end of July. I'm about half-way there, so that is doable. After that I have several books I want to write, but I have yet to decide on what will be next.

Weekly Goals - To write everyday and finish updating my website.

Wishing everyone a Blessed Summer.



Brynn Paulin said...

That book is a life changer!! Enjoy your time without R and spend time for you. I know you'll miss R, but some Simone time is due you.

Simone Anderson said...

It really is life changing! It's amazing the difference it's made in my life in only 19 days. :)

I will definitely miss R, it'll be the longest I've been alone and won't see them since they were born. Still weird, but I'm looking forward to some me time.