Monday, January 9, 2017

From the Writer's Desk - Getting Back on Track

 First week of January and I'm already behind on every part of my goals for the year. On the way home from the day job on December 30th, I fell and torqued my knee. It was bad enough that I was afraid I re-tore my ACL.  It was repaired less than a year ago. New Year's Weekend was also spent with my family.  We crashed at my brother's for the weekend, which is not really conducive to writing. Way too many people and to much noise.  Holidays are important, it's a good time remember what's important in our lives.

So, after spending most of Tuesday evening in Urgent Care followed by strict orders to go home and not move any more than absolutely necessary because the doc was worried about a blood clot. I sat and stitched in bed for an hour before falling asleep.  Earlier I had made the decision to change focus projects, because there is a serious amount of world building that I need to do for Forbidden.  It's no longer NaNo, so I can -- and need to -- take the time necessary - and the word count - to do the world building.  So, I'm working on Behind the Masque again. But, I didn't want to jump in from where I left off, mostly because I don't remember where I was headed. So, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent getting back up to speed and some editing at the same time. So, I'm back to a good starting point. The pain is gone and no blood clot. So, those are good things.

So, this week's goals are a lot like last weeks goals

1) Writing 5 times a week, 500 words each
2) 2 hours of world building and research
Focus - Behind the Masque (writing) and Forbidden (world building)

Have a Fabulous Week!


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