Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Minute Fiction - Hollow

2011 is a year for change and resolutions and such. It also means a return to Monday Minute Fiction and guest blogging on Wednesdays.

(This story is fiction and copyrighted by the author, Simone Anderson, and may not be copied without expressed permission)


Bastijn stared over at the ancient hollowed out oak tree near the river, allowing the familiar memories to wash over him. Most of the ones filing by were of him and Sarah Jane. The time when he took her to the state faire, swimming at the beach, or more recently the piggy back ride he’d given her after the picnic they’d gone on with several of their friends. He respected her and had come to care deeply for the compassionate woman, but he didn’t love her. He’d spent the last year trying to be the boyfriend she deserved and the son his parents wanted. He’d failed both of them. Now, he was going to break her heart.

“Bastijn?” a feminine voice called from behind him.

Bastijn nodded, not trusting his voice.

“Why did you want to meet way out here? Paul and Michelle are waiting for us over at the restaurant.”

“Please sit with me. I’m sure your cousin and her boyfriend will understand,” he said finally, shifting uncomfortably, before digging his cell phone and wallet from his pockets and setting them on the bench beside him.

“Bastijn, what is going on?”

Bastijn took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I can’t do this anymore. Not to you, I care about you too much.”

“What do you mean, what can’t you do? Bastijn you’re scaring me. You’ve changed so much while you were at college.”

“I can’t see you any more Sarah Jane.”

“What? Why not?”

“I heard about you and Cam. I know you went out a few times with him. I’m not sure he’s the right man for you, but—”

“We went out as friends. I thought you trusted me.”

“I do. But, I don’t love you, not as a boyfriend would.”

“Is it another woman?” Sarah Jane asked taking off a necklace from around her neck. Bastijn spied his high school class ring and nodded.

Bastijn smiled and shook his head. “No, no woman. I like men Sarah Jane. I’m gay.”

“Gay? As in homosexual? Are you sure?” Sarah Jane asked, blinking rapidly.

Bastijn laughed, refusing to look closely at the emptiness surrounding his heart. “Positive. Michelle and Paul are waiting for you.”

“You want me to leave?”

“I prefer not see you flip out.”

“I’m not going to. I’m shocked. Is there another—a man than?” Sarah Jane asked, handing him his class ring.

Bastijn shook his head. He wished his parents had reacted as Sarah Jane had, not tossed him out of the house. He had no place to go to and no one to turn to. Sarah Jane hugged him, stood and turned to leave.

“Do your parents know?”

Bastijn nodded. “You’re not upset, were you going to break up with me, so you could go out with Cam?”

Sarah Jane nodded. “I love him. I hope you find someone to love Bastijn.”

Bastijn watched the summer sun glinting off the river. Gold light surrounded the ancient oak tree. He found himself moving toward the tree before he realized that he was moving. Reaching out for the hollow center of the tree, he was vaguely aware of the ring slipping from his grasp. At once he was pulled through the center of the tree and surrounded by shimmering opalescent light and the sound of thousands of drums. He found himself in the middle of some sort of flower garden before he passed out.

“I most certainly will not!” Rian shouted, slamming open the door. “I will choose my own mate!”

“You have until midday. You will be mated tonight!”

Rian slammed the door behind him and made his way through the corridor that lead from the interior courtyard and gardens to the large outside gardens, stables, and assorted out buildings. Taking a deep breath, he cleared his mind and allowed his spirit to guide him. He took several steps before fully opening his eyes. The old path beneath his feet was smoothed from eons of use, but narrowed from years of disuse.

Rian gasped. “There he is!” In the oldest part of the garden, lay a strangely dressed man. Not an elf, but a human. He had pale skin and short dark hair. He appeared to be smaller than him, something he’d never cared for. He was perfect. His mate had been delivered to him. Carefully, he knelt down next to the man and touched a hand to his forehead, before tracing his jaw. His cock hardened at the first touch. The human was his mate.

The man’s green eyes flew open and he scrambled away, shouting something in a foreign language. Rian followed him, inhaled slowly, said a couple of words and touched the man’s forehead.

“Now, you can understand me. MuirnĂ­n. Beloved.”

“Who are you?” the man asked. “What are you? Where am I? Why can I understand you?”

“I am Rian, an elf, specifically Prince of the Elves,” Rian replied. “You can understand me because you are destined to be my mate and magic?”

“Wait? Destined to be your what? I want to go home.”

Rian saw the half lie dancing in the man’s aura, freely intermingling with disbelief and another emotion he couldn’t pinpoint. “Forgive me,” Rian smiled, backing away slightly. “Very rarely is a human allowed to enter our world. To do so in my garden, I apologize, I got carried away. Come with me. I will try to help you out as much as I can.”

“Can you get me back to earth? No offense, but this is weird.”

Rian frowned. This would be the hard part. The gateways only worked one way for humans. Once in, never out. “There is no way back. I am sorry.”

“Magic got me here, can’t it get me back?”

“No, I’m sorry, what is your name?”


“Bas-tee-en,” Rian repeated slowly. “I like it, it suits you. This way. We’ll get you cleaned up and into some more appropriate clothes.”

Bastijn nodded and accepted the elf’s help up. Rian was taller than him, with more of a swimmer’s build if his clothing was any indication. He had blond hair and pointed ears, taller than the ones in most of the movies he’d seen, but not outrageously so. He was concerned that he was bothered more by the prospect of being a mate than he was of never seeing his family or friends again. Eventually, he might have made up with his family, but it would’ve taken years most likely. He wasn’t sure if he should be bothered by the fact that he’d been hard almost since he opened his eyes and knew Rian was too. Bastijn nodded as Rian pointed several things out to him, as he lead him through the gardens, a stone hallway, through a door and into a room with a huge open courtyard in the center.

Once in the room, Rian helped him wash and dress, and then told him about the world he now lived in, and what the expectations were. Leaving wasn’t an option. Ever. Bastijn shrugged internally. It beat being homeless. And if he was mated to Rian, he’d get sex. Rian had included graphic details of what he wanted to do Bastijn, which had gotten him hard again. Rian had also told Bastijn about himself, using magic to show some memories, allowing Bastijn to see both the good and the bad.

Bastijn was certain several hours had passed when they were summoned before the King and Queen. Both were beautiful and Rian looked a lot like the Queen. He stood quietly as the royal couple asked if Rian had made a decision, which prompted his introduction, a rather lengthy interview about himself and his parents. And the reminder that the union was forever and that there was no way he could return to the human world. They would be joined that night. He’d never thought he’d be married.

Bastijn had to admit that the elven clothes he’d been given were more comfortable than his own clothes. Tradition dictated that he wear an emerald green, while Rian was dressed similarly in dark green. He wore no shoes, but had walked across the soft grass barefoot.

Once in the room, Rian sat down on the large bed and folded his hands on his lap.

“What is wrong Rian?” Bastijn asked.

“I was still forced into a position I dislike.”

“I don’t understand. You don’t like me?”

“Yes, I like you. But, I wanted the person I married to love me. I wanted to love them. I hate that you were forced into this.”

Bastijn knelt in front of his mate. “I wasn’t forced into anything. I do like you. I won’t lie and say I love you, but I do like you. I care about you.”

“Elves are supposed to mate for eternity. I never found anybody until you that I even wanted to consider that possibility before.”

“What was so special about today?” Bastijn asked.

“Today is the summer solstice.”

Bastijn nodded. He’d remembered. He’d planned to enjoy the long day down by the river. “So?”

“I turn 26 tomorrow. I need to be mated and joined before tomorrow or—”

“Or what?”

“I become permanently impotent,” Rian answered wincing.

“Ouch. Well, we can’t have that,” Bastijn smiled. Standing he stripped his clothes off and began helping Rian with his.

“You don’t love me.” Rian stilled his hands.

“I like you and I want you. Preferably hard, fast and in my ass if you please.”

Rian nodded, stood, and shed his clothes. Bastijn gasped as Rian touched him, running his hands over his back and ass.

“Wait.” Bastijn gripped Rian’s shoulders tight. What about condoms? You know a barrier, a sheath for your cock?” Bastijn said, stumbling over the words. “Something to protect against diseases.”

Rian shook his head. “No need. Magic. Protects elves.”

“I’m human.” Bastijn said as two fingers slid into his ass.

“But you’re my mate, so you are protected too.”

Bastijn nodded, trusted his gut, and gasped as Rian slid his cock into his ass. This he could get used to.

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