Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Middle School Years

I love reading Bronwyn's Riding With Boys installments. Before this year, Bug was picked up and dropped off my me to school and no car-pooling. This year there is some car-pooling, but there is also sleepovers and hours on the phone. Sadly, there are no insightful, witting comments by Bug and her friends. There is, however, a lot of melodrama, and as I was subjected to it, I absolutely must share.

Last weekend Bug and her BFF T spent hours on the phone talking about two particular boys - N and C. Bug likes C and T likes N. Bug and T just had to go to the basketball game on Monday because C and N were playing. (I'm thinking is a bad re-run where the band geeks are nuts over the athletes). Tuesday, Bug tells me that C only likes her as a friend, but that T and N are now going out, because N likes T. Thursday I hear rumblings about T and N, but fail to pay to much attention to it. However later that night Bug has found both C and N on Facebook and must share with T.

Yesterday was a class field trip. Bug and T and their friend S ride with me to the museum. Much fun is had while we are there. All three girls interested in the science parts especially the planes and weather exhibits. On the way home...

T has broken up N (on Thursday - that was the rumbling part) because she now likes D. But she's okay with it because Bug kinda likes N now. (Confused yet?) There is no word on Bug and N, yet. Then T and Bug get into a fight resulting copious amounts of tears because Bug wouldn't give T a potato chip (now, T did fail to share her chips with Bug), which required the mediation of not one but two friends. By the time we get back to school everyone is friends again and talking about the next home game.

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