Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and More

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween. It is probably one of my favorite holidays of the year. Normally I take Bug trick-or-treating around a near by neighborhood, but this year she became a tween and I wasn't sure I was going to let her. I let her. But, she went with a friend of hers and her friends siblings. So, I got to sit home and watch TV and work on a cross-stitch afghan instead. I don't buy candy ahead of time because it would just get eaten, and by the time the details were worked out, there was no candy shopping happening, which ended up working out since a) there are no trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood and b) Bug came back with a huge amount of candy. I'm not sure we'll eat it all.

Now that it's November 1st, it almost feels like the new year or at least the right time to make some decisions and changes. Maybe its the upcoming holidays and all of the joy and stress that come with them. I'm committing myself to two things - writing at least 2000 words a day and losing weight. I saw the coolest dress recently and I want to wear for one of the 3 conferences I'm hoping to attend next year.

Oh, and over at Writers Evolution, we're talking about character lookalikes.


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