Sunday, December 21, 2008

Revisions and Mayhem

Earlier this year - about the end of summer - I finished Bound By Love and had hoped to get it revised and out to a publisher before school hit - that didn't happen.

Now that school is done for the semester and brain has decompressed and is ready to work on stuff again - after several days of nothing but reading and sewing - so much fun - so many good books - so little time. Anyway, I pulled it back out and re-read it. I wanted to read it one time without making a lot of corrections or adding and subtracting bits and pieces. I made it two pages. So I read it, marked it up and revised it. But it feels slow at the beginning. I had felt this way before, but my critique group assured me it was a good first chapter so I kept it. But really, I can veto the critique group and I am.

So, I am thinking that the new first chapter will be the middle of the old chapter 3 with the other stuff woven in as backstory. I have to alternate openings. And whichever one I go with, it's their story. But, the question is then, whose story is it? The one who doesn't believe in love or the one who doesn't trust?

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