Friday, December 5, 2008

In Lieu of --

Any actual writing that I may have gotten done, the school semester is almost done. Today is the last day of classes. Next week is finals. Everyone scream! So, that being said, this week sucked. I had 5 tests and 2 research papers (30 pages of scientific, non-fiction writing) and two lab reports (each a mere 18 pages). Really, you wouldn't think it'd be a problem, but there had to be cited sources from peer reviewed sources. My brain still hurts and sleep is a fond but distant memory.

However, in the spirit of writing - because I will be back to it, just as soon as those pesky tests are done.... I have pictures. Again. What can I say, I'm a visual person. A few weeks ago over at Oh Get A Grip they were talking about offices - this week its stereotypes and not stereotyping secondary characters and such... Always something new there - I did avoid the Thanksgiving week posts, but then I prefer the alternate view of history of that time period - Thanksgiving is still important, however. And I managed to snag leftover turkey as well as the requisite multiple helpings. Anyway, on the topics of offices -- Me, I'm ALWAYS curious about other writer's caves

This is NOT the view from my office window.

I wish.

This has been the view from my office.

And this has been the view from my window.

And the office view I would like ....

I'm in school, so my real office is where I study subjects like chemistry, biology, and legal issues pertaining to healthcare. I don't write there. I used to. I think. A long time ago, before I needed to study and do homework. I do, however, always have my laptop with me, with it's now dying battery, and a notebook or pad of paper of some sort and a pen, pencils are still for math and science, and I write whenever and where ever I happen to be or inspiration strikes.

It's a lot less rigid, and I'm sure someone somewhere is cringing at the thought that some one some where detests rigidity. :)

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