Friday, October 10, 2008

Where in the Universe... my muse?

The note I got says she's "on an extended vacation, the view is fantastic, and she'll try and keep me apprised of her whereabouts and adventures. Of course she took her staff with her, so lets hope she e-mails, because writing is imperative. Yes, so are a lot of other things, but I'm a writer and writing is as necessary to me as breathing -- No, I don't consider it an over-exaggeration because I know it's missing and it feels like I'm walking around in a fog because I know I should be writing or doing something pertaining to writing and since I'm not, I'm lost in the fog bank - you know the one they love to show in movies - with fog so thick you can't see through it and that amazingly enough goes up to the top of the Redwoods.

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