Wednesday, October 8, 2008

License Plates, Books, and Alpha Males

Today in the parking ramp I saw one of the coolest bumper stickers ever (gotta love college kids -- they voice their opinion all over their cars - probably because 1) they're passionate about their opinions and 2) the cars are nearly as old as they are so it doesn't hurt anything) and it ties in with a blog by Brynn Paulin over at Oh Get A Grip:

"Freedom means having a choice"

(cool part is the car was parked next to a car with a "DAV - Vet's Vote" bumper sticker)

Both Brynn and Anny Cook talked about Alpha heroes and women's roles and heroines. I am not the woman who wants to be led or have decisions made for me (not even by someone I trust almost implicitly - not even if the decision they made is the one I would've made) , I don't want to be rescued but if I need help I'll ask -- but, and this is big -- but, several of my closest friends are those women, or want to be if they hadn't had to step into the role of being the rescuer - the decision maker - some have accepted it others fight it constantly. The world cannot function - grow and change - if everyone is the same. If all women were submissive or all men were submissive - things would get very boring, very fast - and you wouldn't have that really special couple that finally learns that yeilding to the other person(s) doesn't make you weak or incapable of living.


Anny Cook said...

Excellent point! Isn't it wonderful that there IS something for everyone and that our culture allows us those freedoms!

PS: Thank you for mentioning our blog!

Simone Anderson said...

No problem. I just discovered your blog, and the topic this week is a good one and shows the variety of heroes there are and how the differences in each are what attract our heroines and our readers to them.

Not every hero is right for every heroine or reader, nor should it be. The differences are necessary - not only for the world to be a better place, but because our experiences lead each of us to a different place and as long as the characters are believable and the story plausible, whether the hero is an Alpha, Beta, Omega, or something else completely doesn't really matter -- as much --