Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Random Research

Random Research -- 

 This always seems to pop up on the list of recurring topics I want to add to my blog.  This is simply going to be a spot to share whatever research topic has caught my interest.  My list of things to research keeps growing. Exponentially.  Pretty much every book or article I read sparks an idea that I want to research further.  My intention is to post the links and/or book/article titles with each post.  I've been a writer forever.  I know I was writing stories before 4th Grade, but that is the year my teacher really encouraged me to write more and let me miss class a couple of times to read what I wrote to younger grades.  Everything I'm interested finds it's way into my writing somehow.  Things I need to know for work or genealogy also make it into my writing. 

Things I'm researching now are:

Several Different Mythologies

My I Need to research this is incredibly long...needless to say, so is my To Be Read Pile. :) 


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