Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Minute Fiction - For Life

This week over at Writers Evolution we're talking about genre fiction vs. literary fiction.

Welcome to Monday Minute Fiction, a short bit of fiction to begin the week.

(This story is copyrighted by Simone Anderson and may not be duplicated without permission.)

David fingered the photograph of his sister and her fiancĂ©, her fingers lightly covering his lips, and sighed. She’d sent a wedding announcement and an invitation to dinner. His gaze darted around the apartment and returned to the last line on the page.

“Bring Hogan, we can’t wait to meet him.”

There was only one problem. There was no Hogan, or more precisely there was no Hogan and him. He’d only seen Hogan from a distance after bumping into him three months earlier when he’d stopped at a different coffee shop for his morning coffee. He’d returned over and over in hopes of seeing the dark haired man again. David stopped there routinely, seeing Hogan every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, eventually learning his name through the barista.

This morning he’d finally gotten up enough nerve to introduce himself and was close enough to smell the man’s cologne when a flock of giggling teen age girls entered the shop causing him to fall into the man’s hard body and strong arms. He’d felt himself turn beat red, mumbled an excuse and fled. Knocking at the door pulled him from his thoughts.

David peered through the peep hole at a head of dark brown hair. His heart skipped a beat. Hogan? No, the man has no idea you’re even alive. Answer the door. Shaking the thoughts from his head, he took a deep breath, unlocked and opened the door. Green eyes peered out at him. David opened his mouth to speak and closed it again when nothing came out.

“David Kirkwood?”

David swallowed trying to process the reality of the man of his dreams standing in front of him. Hogan. Hogan was here.

“Are you David Kirkwood?”

Not trusting himself to speak, he nodded.

Hogan smiled. “Good, I’m glad I have the right place then.”

“What are you doing here? How did you find me? How do you know my name?” David finally blurted out.

“Ah, you can talk. I was beginning to wonder,” Hogan said, smiling again. “You dropped your wallet,” he said holding up a battered brown wallet.

“My wallet!” David patted his pockets. How had he not realized he’d lost it? Because he’d been fantasizing about Hogan all day, he thought answering his own question. “How —the girls—when I bumped—bumped into you.” David felt his cheeks flush and took the billfold.

“You are adorable when you blush,” Hogan said, setting a hand against his cheek. David pressed his hand into it. “I’m glad you did. I wouldn’t have known you were hard for me otherwise.”

David squeezed his eyes closed hoping when he opened them, his embarrassment would be ended and Hogan would be standing there. A large hand cupped his cock and balls through his slacks, squeezing gently. He opened his eyes and found Hogan standing right in front of him.

“Hogan,” David moaned. “Please.”

“What do you want?”

“You, only you. Always only you.” David knew the truth of the words as he said them. He’d fallen for Hogan the first time he’d seen him.

“Be sure. I’ve wanted you too long for you to be unsure,” Hogan said releasing him.

David nodded and gestured for Hogan to come in. “I’m sure.”


“In the bedroom,” David replied locking the door behind them and heading for the bedroom. “If you wanted me for so long, why didn’t you say something? Or at least make it easier for me to approach you?”

Hogan stopped and pinned David against the wall, covering David’s mouth with his. David moaned. Hogan’s tongue pushed in, exploring and tasting, retreating slightly to allow David the same privilege. David inhaled the sweet, earthy scent he always associated with Hogan and groaned as Hogan slipped a hand inside his pants and wrapped his fingers around his cock and rubbed before releasing him and pulling him into the bedroom. David quickly removed his clothes, dug out the lube and condoms from the nightstand and moved to the center of the bed. He watched as Hogan took off his clothes, revealing a lithe, muscled body.

“I wanted, needed you to choose me, to come to me. You always looked embarrassed when I caught you checking me out,” Hogan replied. “I wanted to be sure you were the one for me. I needed to be sure you were ready.”

“What are you saying?” David asked, propping himself up on his elbows.

“I am fae, I want you for myself for all times.”

David nodded. He was friends with several of the otherkin, the fae like elves and some humans mated for life. Unlike the others, if he agreed to this, neither partner would ever be allowed to have sex with another being, even if the other was to die.

“Be sure David,” Hogan said from the side of the bed. “You have condoms, we can merely have fun for the night.”

“But then I’d never see you again.”

Hogan nodded, “That would be the best.”

“I doubt that.” David scrambled to his knees, tossed the condoms on the floor, and kissed Hogan, praying he made the right decision. “I want this. I want you. For life.”

David allowed Hogan to push him back onto the bed, relishing the contact as they explored and learned each other's bodies. For life. David had found what he’d envied in his sister’s relationship, his soul mate for life.

“Sex will be a regular occurrence,” Hogan said kissing him. “I may never let you out of bed.”

“You talk too much. Kiss me,” David said threading his hands through Hogan’s hair.

“Demanding aren’t you?”

“Kiss me, while you take me, please.”

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Brynn Paulin said...

Awesome story Simone. I like the unexpected twist and I also admire how you took this week's pic and managed to make it a male/male story :-)

Simone Anderson said...

Thank you Brynn. I was a lot of fun to write!

barbara huffert said...

Mmm it was a lot of fun to read too!

Ashley Ladd said...

Cool story. I really enjoyed it.

I didn't expect an M/M story from that picture, either. But then mine wasn't too far from it. :)