Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kitchen Gadgets

I love to cook, but normally the few kitchen gadgets I have -- I don't have the large gourmet kitchen with lots of gadgets - I have a really tiny kitchen with a lot of multi-taskers -- normally kitchen gadgets do not make their way into my office area. That is no longer the case. At least for one gadget.

I was having an issue staying focused on my writing, so I decided to try something I think I heard in passing from somewhere. I don't remember where, when, or who said it though. Anyway, I decided to set a kitchen timer for 30 minutes and write until it went off. When it went off, I added my word count total and the time passed into a spreadsheet and then went to get a drink, change laundry around, etc and then restart the timer and get back to work. I was able to write 3k words in a matter of a couple of hours that way. And because I was curious to see if it was a fluke, I tried it again, for a shorter period of time, and it worked out great!!!

Music + Kitchen Gadgets = Lots of progress

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