Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This coming weekend is the Spring Fling Writer's Conference hosted by Chicago North RWA and I'll be there! Yeah! I"m excited and can't wait to go. I'll be traveling with members of my critique group, so I'll get to catch up on all the news from RT which was last week (schools + finals = no fun at RT for me).

I'm hoping to do a bit of site-seeing while we're there, but I'm not sure, which is fine, since I have a cousin who lives there, that offered us a place to crash and take us site-seeing this summer.

But I'm extremely excited about the conference.
This will be my first time at Spring Fling, which is on the north side of Chicago. School is almost done and my worries will be fewer. I will finish something this summer!!!

(photo by Richard Seaman)

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