Friday, July 7, 2017

For the To Be Read Pile

In honor of the 241st birthday of the United States of America, I decided to see what I could find to read that was set during the Revolutionary War.  Sadly, not a lot. A search of Barnes and Noble's website turned up a well known m/f romance series set in Scotland, a regency quartet - also, m/f, and a Civil War Romance/Women's Fiction - also well known. Good books, but not what I was after, which was Gay or MM Historical Romance set in the Revolutionary War.  Dreamspinner has a category called Historical Americas, but it's mostly Westerns, which I also wasn't after at the moment. While in search of Gay/MM/Bi Revolutionary War Historical Romance, Indie Author Sylvia Violet mentioned her novel, which I found I can get the paperback version from Barnes and Noble. These are being added to  my TBR pile.

 Revolutionary Temptation - Sylvia Violet

1777 New York City
The American colonists are fighting for their independence, but the battlefield is not the only place to wage war. When General Washington's head of intelligence asks Captain Jack West to spy on the British in New York, Jack agrees, despite reservations about this ungentlemanly pursuit.
Jack's contact in the city recruits bookshop owner Elias Ashfield, an impeccably dressed sensualist who flaunts his desire for both men and women and seeks a place in high society. Jack longs for a simple life guided by clear principles. Eli is a risk-taker who knows how to get what he wants. And he wants Jack in his bed.
Events in Jack's past have made him fearful of acting on his secret craving for a man's touch, but Eli intrigues Jack as much as he infuriates him. As Jack and Eli search for the information the rebel army needs, they realize there's more between them than mere lust. But finding a way to be together may prove more difficult than defeating the British Empire.

Swift for the Sun By Dreamspinner

Benjamin Lector imagines himself a smuggler, a gunrunner, and an all-around scoundrel. A preacher’s son turned criminal, first and foremost he is a survivor.
When Benjamin is shipwrecked on Dread Island, fortune sends an unlikely savior—a blond savage who is everything Benjamin didn’t know he needed. Falling in love with Sun is easy. But pirates have come looking for the remains of Benjamin’s cargo, and they find their former slave Sun instead.
Held captive by the pirates, Benjamin learns the depths of Sun’s past and the horrors he endured and was forced to perpetrate. Together, they must not only escape, but prevent a shipment of weapons from making its way to rebellious colonists. Benjamin is determined to save the man he loves and ensure that a peaceful future together is never threatened again. To succeed might require the unthinkable—an altruistic sacrifice.

The Royal Navy Series - By Lee Rowan by Dreamspinner
At the turn of the 19th century, two sailors will do anything to keep their love. The attraction that David Archer feels for his fellow midshipman William Marshall seems impossible, until desperate circumstances force their emotions to light, in Ransom. After a year spent hiding their feelings, in Winds of Change & Eye of the Storm, traitors and war with France threatens to destroy everything they’ve worked so hard for. In Home Is the Sailor, a different kind of battle awaits them when David’s eldest brother dies under mysterious circumstances. And finally, in Sail Away, explore the missing moments of David and William’s romance, as well as the lives of friends and family, in a series of short stories, including a special nit-picking vignette from Charlie Cochrane.

Revolutionary Temptation is set during the Revolutionary War, and is the only one I found that was from the side of the Colonies. Swift for the Sun is set during the Revolutionary War - from the British point of view, which totally reminds of the memes floating around Facebook about Happy Treason Day and Ungrateful peasants.  The Royal Navy Series seems to be set around the same time frame, but also British. The following - one is a Western or Paranormal Western and the other, I have no idea, but it was under the Historical Americas Section and looks really interesting.

Once Upon a Time in the Weird West by Dreamspinner - Western Not revolutionary

This isn’t the same old Wild West. The usual suspects are all present: cowboys, outlaws, and sheriffs. There’s plenty of dust, tumbleweeds, horses, and cattle on the range, but there are also magical gems, automatons, elementals, airships… even dinosaurs and genetically modified insects. Roaming among the buffalo and coyotes, you’ll encounter skinwalkers, mad engineers, mythical beings cloaked in darkness, and lovers who stay true to their oaths… even beyond the grave. On this frontier are those at the mercy of their own elaborate devices as well as men whose control of time and space provides a present-day vision of the West. There might even be a dragon hidden amongst the ghost towns and wagon trains.
If you like your Westerns with a splash of magic, a touch of steampunk, and plenty of passionate romance between men, these genre-bending tales will exceed expectations.
Hold on to your hats, cowboys and cowgirls. The West is about to get weird, and you’re in for a hell of a ride.
See excerpt for individual blurbs.

Gothika: Volume Five
Since ancient times, humankind has looked into the night sky and wondered: Are we alone? Are there other civilizations beyond the stars? Will we ever encounter these beings? Who are they, what are they like, and what might they want with us?
These questions are about to be answered, but those who discover the truth might wish they had never asked. On the other hand, some might find salvation in visitors from other planets. For while some aliens are hostile, others are benevolent. Some have little in common with humans, but for others, the need for love and acceptance is universal. Lives will intersect and otherworldly passions will ignite as four acclaimed authors of gay romance explore first contact—and where it can lead.

I haven't read any of these, but I'm adding them to my TBR list and can't wait to start them. I will qualify that I was looking for gay or mm historical romance that didn't include shape shifters or vampires and set during the Revolutionary War. I did search the publishers I was familiar with and looked on Good Reads and Barnes and Noble. I found a lot of World War I and II stories, along with the Roaring 20's, ancient history, along with the 1940's and 50's. So, there is plenty to read and keep me busy.  I searched in the ways that seemed the most logical to me, and so I could have easily missed something cool -- in which case, hopefully someone will point them out to me. Some of these authors I know and some are new to me, which will be an adventure.

Happy Reading and Happy Birthday to the USA.


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